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My exotic features are a  beautiful mixture of African American, Puerto Rican and Cherokee Indian. Being mixed and growing up in a diverse city like Chicago has taught me to appreciate differences and embrace different cultures and ethnicities. As well as appreciating things in life that most people aren’t cognizant of. I am a free spirit, I believe that all the energy you put out into the world will come back to you . Being an optimist, I still believe that the abstract things in life are the most valuable. You can not purchase these things, usually they are within your true being. Here is where I will guide you on this copious journey I will ignite your inner light and open planes and regions in your body that you never knew existed. Your pleasure is my passion

     You might be curious how this became my Passion?
In 2011 I became licensed in Massage Therapy. Through energy work in Massage Therapy I began my journey and discovery of Sensual Tantric and Lingam Massage. Which in turn opened internal doors that previously remained dormant inside of me. With continued practice and knowledge in Tantric massage and yoni exploration.  I have learned how to use my passion to unblock the negative energy and unlock my internal doors. This is how I allowed my passion, to become my purpose which in turn became my profession.

     I continue on my personal journey by taking continual education classes in health and wellness. I believe in always evolving everyday never to become stagnant. Through my beliefs it allows me to evolve in my life in your life as a whole. I am very passionate and loving. With me you will experience blissful pleasure and i will ignite your soul. Don’t put off tomorrow what you can have today……..

   Now saying all of that, my favorite pastimes hobbies consent of reading, especially poetry, playing tennis and going to as many football games as I can. My all time favorite hobby is dancing, when I dance I come alive. Right now I’m learning the Argentine Tango and I plan on mastering all ballroom dance. I will always pursue my passion as long as I have breathe in my body. Thank you for taking the time to read more about me. I hope this has helped you to know more about who I am and what I represent 

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